In the Summer of 2020, at the start of the pandemic, we talked about what was needed by our respective clients, and what we could do to continue what we do best…coaching, consulting, communicating – all with personal and professional development in mind.

And, thus, Lead4Excellence went from concept to reality. Our goal was to offer a virtual learning experience for our colleagues from the health professions during a time of unrest, unknown, and disruption.

And we did employ innovations in remote models to enhance the flow of information, bring you current content on key concerns, and create new organizational practices that enhance outcomes and ensure a strong workforce. Our approach was a “Quick Fix” —one that allowed us to break the cycle of unrest, pause, and bring learning to a whole new level with concepts shared by a prolific group of professionals who gave their time and talent to our program. The first Summit in 2020 brought nearly 800 attendees together, virtually, with pre-recorded keynotes and panels. The Virtual Innovation Town Center (VITC) was born, and sponsors reaped great rewards.

In October, we brought you the 2nd Summit, with LIVE keynotes and panels on a wealth of topics that impact innovation, insight, and integrity. Once again, we succeeded beyond our expectations, and we thank you for that.

The pandemic changed most of our lives in a profound way. Millions of lives were lost; millions of healthcare workers risked their lives on the frontline and on the finish line. Trillions of dollars were spent, and roles and responsibilities changed. The workforce has changed, our own business models took a back seat to our passion for Lead4Excellence and we have enjoyed the journey with each of you.

Now, it is time to reflect on what we learned about ourselves and our business.

    1. We know that dealing with overwhelm by creating more overwhelm puts us at risk, and that self-care is critical to our success.
    2. We know that we need to return to what brought us our initial successes, and that is Coaching, Consulting, Communicating.

With full plates, and fuller hearts, we thank you for your support of Lead4Excellence, as a presenter, LinkedIn LIVE guest, or sponsor.

We’ve been blessed, and we’ve been happy to share the blessings with you. While Lead4Excellence will no longer share content,

We ARE back… at

We are back to our former selves, enriched by our experience of working with you, and joyful over the difference we have made.

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