The Global Healthcare Leadership Summit (2020) was a huge success. Building on that success, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of Sponsorship Offerings for the 2021 program. In 2021, we have restructured the sponsorship process, and we’ve allocated a dedicated 45-minute networking/direct contact opportunity for our nearly 600 participants to connect with you.

Feedback from participants at the 2020 Summit requested more time with our sponsors, including more time to visit their respective websites, to chat online with representatives, to peruse the online videos, white papers, and teaching tools, and to discover ways in which they might interact at a higher level. You asked, and we delivered. We are so excited about this year’s program, including the content, our speaker lineup, and of course, the sponsor offerings.

Engage with us…if you are a potential sponsor with a product or service of which nursing and healthcare leaders must be aware, reach out to us at or visit our abbreviated prospectus for sponsors right here.

If you are interested in attending this year’s program on October 7, 14, 21, and 28th from noon until 3 pm ET, let us know, or contact us on our website.